Boast Your Status with Tooth Jewellery

Just like body art and body piercings, the new fashion wave to hit the scene is tooth jewellery. Just as the name suggests, these are jewellery items worn for cosmetic and status symbol reasons on ones teeth.

These come in the form of:

Twinkles: These are jewellery pieces in various designs made of 24 carat gold, white gold, platinum etc. and depending on the design, may or may not have stones on them. Some of the really expensive ones have diamonds, sapphires and rubies attached to them.

Dental Gems: These are crystals of glass mounted on aluminium and are available in a variety of colours or in white. There are costly versions of these available too but the popular ones are not very highly priced for first time users and those who just want to try it out.

The steps that are followed in affixing tooth jewellery is 100% pain free. Here are the steps that are followed.

A fluoride-free polishing paste is used to thoroughly clean the tooth.

It is completely dried and isolated.

Tooth is painted with 37% ortho-phosphoric acid to increase the surface area for bonding.

The surface is carefully rinsed with water and absolutely dried for 10 seconds

A light-curing bonding agent is applied.

A small amount of flow composite is applied to the surface of the tooth.

A jewel handler is used to easily pick up the jewel and it is pressed into the centre of the composite.

At this point, the dentist adjusts the jewel while letting the patient check the desired positioning in the mirror.

The dentist, using a light-curing lamp cures the composite from the top. It is light cured from all sides for a few seconds and also the composite is cured from the back of the tooth making sure it hardens evenly.

The entire process does not take more than 10 minutes. It is to be noted that tooth jewellery does not need to be permanent and can be taken off by a dentist. We at The Dental Hub provide this service to all interested patients. For more information, come and visit us at The Dental Hub.