Periodontal Disease Treatment in Auckland, Gum Disease Treatments in Avondale

Gum Diseases Can Be Dangerous! Be Careful

Our dentists who have experience in specifically working with gum-related infections, inflammations, sensitivity and so on treat periodontal (gum) diseases. The services of a periodontal specialist may only be sought when a regular dentist refers a client to their expert services.

At our clinic, we offer periodontal services which generally begin with a thorough examination of the gums. The dentist will carefully observe the areas of pain, inflammation and sensitivity to check for gum pockets, exposed roots of teeth and/or infections of the gum. Then with the help of radiological (X-ray) information a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed with the patient.

The first steps of a periodontal treatment are by scaling. In doing so, the dentist removes all sorts of bacterial and plaque deposits on the teeth and can assess the nature and depth of the gum pockets.

After scaling, the periodontal or gum pockets are checked to see if the healing is progressing as expected and if there are further complications, surgery may be considered as an option. Periodontal surgery covers the following areas:

- stitching gums to hug the teeth more firmly

- reaching into areas of the teeth where plaque and bacteria build-up is causing infection

- putting in dental implants as and where required by surgically making space in the gum structure

- building or reshaping bone where the bone has been damaged

- socket preservation after the removal of a problematic tooth to prevent damage to the bone

- crown lengthening where a tooth broken below the gum line is repaired

- treat infections to suit dental implants by bone grafting and decontamination of the implant surface

Post-periodontal treatment involves a rigorous cleaning, desensitisation regime, and a number of frequent check-ups to take care of residual pain, bleeding gums and sensitivity. Generally, a healthy routine of brushing and flossing to avoid plaque build-up and periodical visits to the dentist can help keep periodontal diseases at bay.