Lost dental fillings and crowns are unsafe. Take professional help

Dental caps or crowns are coverings that are fitted on the part of the tooth visible above the gum line. Fillings are the materials used to insert and smoothen up cavities in the tooth. Sometimes when experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures inside the mouth or experiencing pain when biting or chewing from a specific part of the teeth, it can be that the dental cap or filling of a tooth has come of exposing the root, dental pulp or the nerve. This generally occurs because the tooth on which the cap or the filling is done has become decayed and is no longer able to hold that in place. It may also happen during chewing hard solid food and sometimes it is just due to natural wear and tear that the cap or the fillings loosen and dislodge.

There are a few steps to keep in mind when dental fillings or a crown comes loose.

Once the crown comes off inside the mouth, it should be removed immediately and kept aside. This is done primarily so that it does not become a choking hazard and secondly so that the dentist can examine it later and determine if it can be re-used.

An appointment at the earliest possible date with the dentist must be sought if a crown or filling comes loose. We at The Dental Hub treat this as a dental emergency and try to give our patients an appointment as soon as we can but in case there is a day or two to wait, the following steps should be followed.

If it is a crown that has fallen out, then a temporary fix can mean replacing the crown on the very tooth it has fallen from. This can be cemented in place with dental cement which can be found at most drugstores. The same is true for cavities.

To dull any excess pain or sensitivity, clove oil, which is easily available at medicine stores can be applied around the affected area.

Care should be taken while brushing and eating so as not to put excess pressure on that tooth.