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Complete or partial dentures that are inserted on the same day as the extraction of natural teeth are called immediate dentures. Immediate dentures for the tooth/teeth that are to be extracted are made prior to the extraction procedure and the new dentures are fitted once the teeth have been pulled. We at The Dental Hub provide immediate denture services.

When extraction has to be done for full clearance or many teeth are indicated for extraction, it is very inconvenient to live without teeth while permanent dentures are being made, which may take weeks or months. It may be necessary to have an immediate denture processed because the dentures are put in immediately after dental extraction and the gums and tissues in the mouth will heal around them.

The most important advantage of having immediate dentures put in are

- Both before and after the procedure of teeth extraction at no time is the patient seen without teeth.

- The shape, arrangement, colour and placement of the natural teeth in the mouth are retained in case of immediate dentures as these are moulded just before extraction.

- These act as a staunching agent to protect dental tissues and reduce bleeding as they are put in right after extraction.

- Speaking changes after a full dental extraction. Having immediate dentures put in help to adjust to the new feel easily.

- The difficulty of chewing without teeth is completely eliminated as the patient leaves home with their own teeth and comes back from the procedure with new dentures.

- At no time is the shape of their mouth, cheeks and lips compromised for the lack of a supporting dental structure inside.

The disadvantages of immediate dentures include:

- These dentures are slightly expensive than their counterparts which take days and weeks to get ready in the dental lab.

- There is no scope for the patient to check how the dentures look between moulding and placement into the mouth.

- The fit of an immediate denture is not as accurate as a permanent denture because the permanent ones are fitted after healing occurs which may take six to eight weeks.