Have free Winz quotes from The Dental Hub

If a patient is living on government aid or is from the low income group, he/she may be eligible for WINZ dental benefits. WINZ stands for Work and Income New Zealand and to qualify for emergency or urgent dental care for yourself or your child, you have to fall under a certain level of income per week/year and have assets (second property, money in the bank) below a certain sum of money. In addition to economic status, the other conditions that have to be met include:

- The patient or parents of the patient (minor) are citizens of New Zealand or permanent residents.

- They have to be above 16 years of age.

- They must have an urgent and immediate need for healthcare.

Through WINZ you can get up to 300 dollars worth of urgent dental health care. Such a payment is generally not paid more than once annually. Depending on the urgency of the dental condition and the economic state of the patient, the amount may vary.

We, at The Dental Hub, have registered dentists who will be able to provide you with a quotation for your dental treatment free of cost that you may take to WINZ to ascertain what part of that amount may be available to you as benefit.

These are the steps to follow if you want to apply for WINZ dental benefits:

Step 1: Our dentists will fill in what is known as an Emergency Dental information form out for you on request.

Step 2: You can apply for the benefit online on myMSD portal where you will be asked to upload the form that you received from us at The Dental Hub.

Step 3: In case you cannot apply online there will be an option for you to take an appointment to go and meet a representative of the MSD.

Step 4: Once your claim is processed, the MSD will give you a payment card with money loaded onto it to use for our services at The Dental Hub.

Step 5: We do accept MSD payment cards so you can have your dental services and pay for them with it at any of our clinics.