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The Essentiality of Denture Ventures

Dentures are false teeth that are placed inside the mouth to replace fallen or removed teeth. Dentures can be a complete set or a partial set- upper jaw teeth or lower jaw teeth and can also be created to replace a few missing teeth in a specific area within the mouth.

The purpose of dentures is for both cosmetic enhancement and functional use.

- Wearing dentures makes a persons smile look much better than with teeth missing. It does great things to ones confidence levels.

- The structure of the mouth, the shape of the lips and the tone of the cheeks are maintained when wearing dentures.

- Functionally speaking, one can continue eating foods that require chewing without any hindrance while wearing dentures.

- For those who have dental infections and have had to have one or more teeth removed, dentures can be a good solution to fight oral pain and discomfort.

Earlier, dentures were made of plastic but now they are made of resin. This material is better at being moulded and a different variety of the resin is used to create the gum area of the dentures. A normal set of dentures last around three to five years and needs to be kept with care.

Dentures can be partial (accounting for a few teeth to build a dental bridge) or a full set. Immediate dentures are temporary dentures that are fitted in just after the tooth extraction process. These stay in only for the healing period, which can be up to 6 months, after which they are removed to make place for permanent dentures. Dentures are also placed over implants, if there is adequate bone structure. These dentures that are placed over implants give the best stability and can last longer, if maintained well.

Like normal teeth, dentures also require regular cleaning to prevent plaque build up. The best way to clean dentures is to take them out, run clear water over them to wash thoroughly and then brush them with a dental cleaner and a soft toothbrush. It is recommended that dentures be removed every night while sleeping to allow the gums some time to relax. The dentures should be soaked in warm water to prevent them from drying.