Invisalign and The Dental Hubs services

Invisalign is a brand of clear dental braces provider who has tie-ups with dental clinics. They are a popular choice with todays Instagram generation where a photo of a smiling face is worth a thousand words. At The Dental Hub, we provide Invisalign consultation and braces to our clients on orthodontic consultations as required.

More and more patients are opting for this treatment because of the following reasons

- Faster treatment: Depending on the patients original condition, even weekly aligner changes can be made, keeping the gap time between aligners large. This speeds up the treatment time and moves your teeth towards the desired shape faster.

- Proven results: The trademarked materials that are used to create these clear dental aligners have been proven to improve control of tooth movement.

- Better fit: Aligners from Invisalign is made of a material that makesthem comfortable, providing a good fit and is easy to put on and take off.

- Effective: There are a number of orthodontic conditions like crossbites, crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, overbites, underbites etc. which result in malalignment. Invisalign works to remedy all such conditions.

- Virtually invisible: Because of the material used to create the braces, they are almost invisible. This is the main reason why these are so popular.

- Comfortable: These dental aligners have been created with the patients comfort in mind and hence activities like eating, biting, chewing, flossing, brushing etc. can be continued as normal by just quickly slipping off these braces. Their smoothness and comfortable wear makes them easy to put on or take off.

- Convenient: Invisalign treatment is ideal for those with busy schedules as appointments are as far between as once a month or in some cases even once in six weeks.

In the consultation session, the dentist will discuss with you whether Invisalign will be suited to your purpose and thereafter, with the help of impressions and x-ray images, the lab will create multiple specially moulded clear braces for you to wear for the duration of the treatment.